new beginnings & a new world

thanks to kanye’s workout plan i’m the envy of all my friends
a comic i made in cahootz with my main collaborator ejaffe
coming soon to hotnewhiphop.com (hopefully with better formatting)

new stuff for a new age

hello friends of earth

with the new year moments away, you are sure to think that i will be speaking to you all about resolutions, fireworks, or kissing (gross)

but you’re wrong.  i’m here to talk to you about the end.  that’s right ladies and gents, i’m talkin about

the apoclipse

hear me out

now if you remember back to this time last year, the prophecy wizards believed that the world as we knew it was circlin the drain.  of course there were naysayers and the say haters, but i bet even you were thinkin what if?  maybe it would happen.  maybe tomorrow you would be gone.  or maybe it would be one of those cool kind of situations, where everybody else would be gone, but you’d still be here, free to do all the things you always wanted to do but never could.  you could even try on that girly dress, hee hee

then the day rolled around, and we all woke up, and we were all still here, livin our borin lives, doin our borin things, and we definitely weren’t tryin any girly dresses

but what if it did happen, and we just didn’t notice?

because maybe we were just too busy clickin away at our computers and tryin to get to the business meetings that we didn’t even notice?  and maybe it wasn’t the end of the world we thought it was gonna be, like a big asteroid hittin australia or like, a space lizard hittin us with his tail into the sun.  maybe we all just got stuck in a world then that looks a whole lot like ours, but is actually not ours

i’m not saying we are in the matrix but maybe it’s at least kind of like the matrix

because sometimes don’t you feel a little bit of devu ja?  like, hey, i just drank this soda or, hey, my other sock is missing.  well what if all of that was because there’s some evil thing, lockin away our minds, suckin our life force until one of us can realize that we are the one, the chosen one, and he breaks out from the spell and defeats the evil thing, and we can praise him, and thank him, and love him

but man, who really knows. i guess i’m just sittin here waitin for the fireworks and thinkin a little too much after too many vodka candies and pizza dippers


happy new years

graduation, moving on, the holidays

happy holidays readers

what a week!  i was a night dancer, a dreamspinner and, to some, a champion.  the day of presents looms on the horizon.  i walked across a stage that took me my whole life to reach, and i shook the magical hands of the wizards on the other side.  how can i even describe the feeling butterflies that have lived inside of me?

i mean, three and a half years ago, i joined a group of superwinners and powerpeople, and now they’ve all gone their separate ways.  like the end of the comic, when the league has to split up, because they know things, and they’ve seen things, and they love each other too much?  and the funny thing is, i can’t hate them, or even kill them, because when i took their hands in mine, i saw that we had become one,  like jesus baby and his dad’s ghost

i guess you might say i miss them already

it got me to thinkin more about life and all the knowledges that i have collected from my journeys to the great beyond

for instance

  • the importance of allies (and enemies)
  • the difference between a sloop and a catamaran
  • the appropriate time to wear boots
  • when and when not to dance
  • the many applications of string
  • how to copy my cassettes to compact disk
  • mind control

now, you might say to me,

"d, that some sweet stuff you know"

hell yeah it is.  but you know what?  there’s so many spells and secrets out there, you couldn’t even think of all of em if you knew em already

i’m talkin about

  • what is the cause of my affinity with cats
    & how can i use it to my advantage
  • why can’t we pee in the shower
  • who would win - sun or moon
  • why is bigfoot so hard to find even though he leaves so many tracks
  • clones???

i mean come on people.  there are so many things out there that we haven’t even started yet.  where are the giant robot fightin machines?  or lightning shooter handmitts?  haha honestly i am amazed that i cannot get a chicky burrito and b-ja blast teleported into my room yet

but i guess it’s all relative after all.  we can’t all be kings and baby gods, shootin lightning out of handmitts.  and maybe that’s what i learned from this whole thing, because as the old man once said, we are all afraid of ourselves, until we die.  

but i don’t have all the answers, and the eggnog is startin to make my headbrain weak and the words loose like sghetti noodles in my hands

happy holidays readers and friends

keep warm and enjoy the presents

pg. 1 of “SHMO,” a comic i’m working on about anxieties and the future and stuff.  also my first try at ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, which is the standard i guess (and much easier to read in smaller formats!)

hope you guys like it
finished BONE and got a mad drawing fever, decided i’d like to draw one of my thesis film ideas.  this is the main character.  also decided to ink with brush, which i’m not very good at

finished BONE and got a mad drawing fever, decided i’d like to draw one of my thesis film ideas.  this is the main character.  also decided to ink with brush, which i’m not very good at

bricks are bad for heads

honesty happened

"there are no detours in life. there are, however, detours in roads."

above is a statement my friend jakub said to me as we drove from home to another place and back. i thought it was a great statement and probably had great meanin that i didn’t quite understand so i decided to write it down first a long time ago in the hopes that i’d figure it out

and i finally did

but let’s backtrack here for a bit

recently i was workin on a documentary with my friends eric, jakub (of the aforementioned statement), and max. unfortunately for us, the doc was never meant to come true. as much as we hoped to be those guys up on the podium shakin the award in the air and smilin as our enemies in the crowd shake off their sad faces and finally start clappin their asses off, somethin just wasn’t meant to be about it. it sort of started unravelin around us.

i have a reference to the tv show “lost” that would make a lot of sense as to how this all fell apart but my roommates haven’t watched it all yet so i can’t spoil it

needless to say, as i tried to film every little bit i could (bcuz i just wasn’t sure what we were doin by this point), i was very scared about everythin. not just the doc. not just my grade. but like, the whole big picture. like life, like kids and houses and cats and first and last loves and dvd collections and dances. i was so freakin scared that i yelled a couple of times at my friends which i wish i could take back but i can’t because we haven’t gotten time travel buttons yet

but why do we need em anyways

we’re wastin money on these time travel buttons

what about like food buttons for world hunger or like love buttons

but anyways, when we got back home after we’d all fallen apart, we sat down and talked about da future, mostly about the doc. but we figured it out. it rlly wasn’t that bad. somebody sees da big picture now so that’s all ok. it’s just maybe we couldn’t have gotten there without the journey


pt 2

ok so, this is more in regards to tonight so i thought i’d split it up

tonight was pretty crazy

in my opinion very circular in effect and time-consuming. we ended up basically doin what we planned but took a lot longer to do it, but that’s my opinion (and i’m typically wrong. like statistically - like i’ve done the math on this on a couple of occasions and it’s actually kinda funny to do this because it lets you look objectively at the matter. and most of the time my guesses or opinions were wrong, like statistically. i just thought that was interestin)

so we yelled at one another, a couple of people cried with is terrible, some of us weren’t as helpful as we should have been (me), but we gotta just remember that we’re all people

not like aliens with some sort of crazy robot future computer head that does all of the problem solvin for you without any sort of consolation or heartbreak

but like present people who live and love just like every other person who is just out there to find somethin to live for and go out and be proud of and look back at their life and say i’ve gone somewhere i wanted to go initially at least for the most part

so maybe it took us too long

and maybe that doc trip took too long

but like maybe life takes too long

and that’s what jakub was sayin when like his life roads had no detours. even if we try to see the way around or quickest through, we just gotta let it happen when it happens because that’s just how these things are gonna happen. right? i don’t know i might be crazy when i think that. it’s not that i think like those old ladies from hercules are like cuttin our strings but like, it’s kind of an applicable image i guess. but probably not those three people but some more neutral possibly masked folk who enjoy their job.

we just gotta see this as one big journey we experience wit each other and not as a trip from point a to j and how fast we can’t get between them

my nose is just so stuffy tonight i just thought i’d type this up and it’d be gone but it’s not

my throat’s been killin me lately

dear tumblr

what a week. some would say it was even


despite livin in what some people call the spring break capital of the four realms, i never made the venture into the frat boys & girls dark domain

partially because i was too nervous but also because i was investigatin the thoughts of my cat into other tumblr posts. i realized almost as soon as i got home that nothin seems to belong there. its like everythin in the world comes there but only should be there for a lil while before goin off to search for their real lives

i spent a lot of time thinkin about what i could do to change that about the town. for a long time i ruminated - but i dont think all of the wizards in the world could come together and change the nature of that place

even if all of the hips and all the lips and maybe even a few stargazers converged in panama city, it would just eat them up and spit them back out how it wanted them to be until they went home and regained their old powers. thinkin about all of that made me sad that i had grown up hereand that i might have forgotten my old powers.

or that maybe i never had any

my parents tried to console me. i think they’re the only ones who have been able to hold off that place’s evil doings. like two knights standin back to back holdin off the waves and waves of terrible things - slowly losin ground but never givin up because their love keeps them goin until the bitter end


but they are better people than i am

breaking spring

below is a picture of my cat, bathin in the sunlight like it was her duty

shortly after takin this photograph i was astounded to watch as tinkerbell laid down on the side of the porch there. i was tryin to take pictures but she was just too cute so i just watched for a minute as she laid down like the laziest & fattest queen cat that has ever existed. she did it so lazily that she sort of fell off the porch and ended up layin in the grass instead

i laughed for a little while, but then tink looked at me and i realized she knew somethin that i didn’t. it was like she was lookin straight into my brain and shakin her head, disappointed like that mean teacher who you just wanted to like you so hard but they never would even when you tried your hardest and did everything they ever wanted you to do

i just wanted to lie down next to tinkerbell and be eaten up by the sunlight - to experience bein that ultimate lazy-being like she was. the kind of awesomeness that only can come from livin life as a king with no country or like bein homeless and not carin or somethin

i had been lyin on the ground for a pretty long time and tinkerbell had already left so i decided to get up and realize that i would never be able to live like the lazy queen that tinkerbell was. it made me kind of sad

but anyways i took these pics of my cat so here’s one of them that i tried to make look like film a little